Useful Tips

  • ​Inhale as you move your leg/legs out, and exhale as you pull in. 
  • ​Noodle leg adduction strengthens your inner thighs and improves your hip mobility. The Noodle Slide version works your core and helps with balance and stability. 
  • ​Do not spread your legs beyond 40 degrees angle to prevent hip injuries. Use a safety belt in deep water and always practice in supervised swimming pools. 

Stand along the pool wall and hold the edge with one hand. Slightly lean your body against the wall to allow wider hip movement. Step on the noodle with your far foot. Move your far leg out to roughly 40 degrees, then pull it in front of your other leg until both your feet are aligned. Repeat with your other leg. Keep your upper body idle and relaxed as much as you can.

In the deep end, step on a noodle with each foot. Face the wall and hold the edge with both hands. Keep your legs down together and relax your hands and shoulders. Spread your legs wide out, then pull in together. Imagine squeezing the water out with your legs as you close them in. 

Stand in shallow water and step on the noodle with one foot. Put your hands by your sides and keep your shoulders relaxed. Slide the noodle out as you spread your legs, then in again to return to the starting position. Keep the noodle on the floor throughout the motion. Move your entire body along. Spread your arms out and in simultaneously to help you stay balanced. Use both your legs to pull the noodle in. 

Before you start these exercises, warm up your inner thigh muscles by doing jumping jacks for 2 minutes. 


To get started with jumping jacks in the pool, stand in chest-deep water and jump spreading your legs and arms out to the sides. Then jump back to the starting position, bring your feet together and lower your arms to your sides. 

Character stepping on noodle underwater

1. Single Leg Noodle Adduction

3. Double Leg Noodle Adduction

2. Noodle Slide 

Warm Up

Underwater view of character pulling a noodle in with two leg
Underwater view of character sliding on noodle with one leg
Underwater view of character pulling a noodle in with one leg
underwater view of character doing aqua jumping jacks
13 January 2023

3 Ways to do Noodle Adduction in the Pool

​Leg adduction refers to the motion of moving the leg from the side toward the body. The muscle that is used for this action is called adductor magnus, or inner thigh muscle. To make this exercise more challenging, we will use a pool noodle. Let us start with the easiest and the most beginner-friendly variation. Here are some of the best noodle adduction exercises to do in the pool. Click on each exercise to expand... 

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