​No physical activity or stretching can alter people's height. Although you can't change your height by swimming, you can correct your posture and upright stance. This could make you appear taller. It would also make you healthier and more confident about your body. In addition, swimming helps in the development of the muscles and other body components. Especially during the growth years. 

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Swimmer swimming backstroke
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Can Swimming Make You Taller?

Underwater view of aqua dumbbells exercise

​There is no doubt that swimming is a great way to exercise, improve fitness, and stay fit. But can swimming make you taller? Is there a direct correlation between swimming and growth? In this article, I will examine the effect of swimming on height from a scientific perspective. But before we get into that, let us first understand the origin of this claim.


So, can swimming make you grow taller?


​Most successful swimmers are tall. That could be the main reasons why people think that swimming can make you taller. But those swimmers are not tall because they are good swimmers. They are good swimmers because they are tall. Because longer legs and arms mean larger surface area to use against water. This helps propel the body through the water more efficiently. The length of limbs gives swimmers a longer reach. But that doesn't mean a shorter swimmer cannot be a good swimmer. There have been shorter swimmers who have won Olympic gold medals. So height is not the only factor that makes good swimmers.


​We have no scientific evidence that swimming makes you taller. Your genes determine your height. There is nothing you can do to change that. But swimming can help correct your posture and your upright stance. A lot of people may look shorter because of a bad posture.


But Isn't It True That Stretching Makes People Taller?


​While it is true that some body parts can stretch and increase in length,the bones can't. And it is the bones that would need to stretch for someone to become taller. Because bones give us our height and stature. And the bones do not get longer when muscles are stretched. So increasing the spaces between spinal cord bones would not affect height.


What About The Release Of Growth Hormone?


​Swimming can increase the release of a hormone called Growth Hormone (GH). Even if this hormone could interfere with growth, that would only be during growth years. But we don't have evidence of any of that.


​So Can You Do Anything To Increase Your Height?


​It is very unlikely that anyone would be able to become taller by exercising, or by doing anything else. As mentioned earlier, your height is in your DNA. There is nothing you can do about it. At least not until science proves otherwise.


Which Swimming Stroke Is The Best For Posture?


​No matter what stroke you choose, it will help you develop better posture. But backstroke is the most effective stroke for improving posture. Mainly because the pulling of water happens behind the body. This opens up the chest and pulls the back more into a straight line. Also, the head position is in line with the spine, which helps the body in achieving a better upright stance.


Does Aqua Aerobics Also Improve Posture?


​Yes, I included an aqua exercise below that is great for posture and hunched back problem. You can do this exercise with or without aqua dumbbells. So even if you are not a great swimmer, you can still benefit from exercising in water. 



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