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30 June 2023
Water is the best environment to help you overcome physical limitations associated with aging. Aqua exercises are particularly beneficial for seniors with joint stiffness, balance problems, and weakened muscles. The
22 December 2022
​WHAT IS BONE DENSITY? ​Bone density is a measurement of the number of minerals, like calcium and phosphorous, that are present in a specific area in your bones. These minerals
18 December 2022
To answer the question of which one is better than the other, first we have to define swimming and aqua aerobics. Swimming is the activity of moving your arms and
18 December 2022
Let's First Understand How Cold Water Affects Our Bodies ​Have you ever noticed how you feel more awake and energetic after a cold shower? That is because cold water triggers
18 December 2022
Whether you’ve been doing aqua aerobics for years or just starting to work out, there are always new ways to improve your performance. With the right information, you can learn
18 December 2022
If you're looking for ways to improve your overall health and wellbeing, you may want to consider floating in a pool or sea. Floating is a therapeutic practice used to


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