Shallow water explosive jumps


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​In conclusion, there are many different water exercise routines that can help improve your running speed. The water offers resistance to the movements of your legs, arms and core. Which will improve your running speed and technique. It will also improve your balance and coordination. The water is also a great environment for the entire body. It offers the opportunity to exercise every muscle.



Jumping Squat is a great exercise for runners because It helps build explosive strength in their lower body. The legs are the main components of the body’s propulsion. If legs are strong, runners can move faster. ​Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat until your shoulders sink then jump as high as you can. Squat again as you land and repeat. Water will make your legs feel heavier which will give you a much higher resistance than that of land jumping. 

Flutter kicks with kickboard



Flutter kicks are probably one of the most effective drills for runners. It’s an advanced swimming pool workout that is best done in a deep water pool. This exercise involves performing short and fast kicks. Flutter Kicks are especially useful for sprinters because they require explosive strength. Hold the kickboard with both hands and lay on your front. Put your legs behind you in a horizontal position. Keep the legs straight, with knees and feet relaxed. Think of your feet as fins, as the surface of your feet is used to push the water. So your ankles and knees should bend naturally with the movement of your legs. Focus on the downward kick of your legs and keep the movement on the surface. Perform until you feel the burning in your leg muscles. Rest, then repeat.

Jogging with aqua jogger belt in deep water



Deep water jogging is another exercise for runners that requires a certain level of skill to execute it properly. It is recommended for people who know how to swim. You will need an aqua belt to help you stay afloat. In this exercise, the running movement is almost the same as running on land. But instead of pushing the floor, you will be pushing the water. This will help build strength in your lower legs which are responsible for the push-off motion. The arm swing and the effort to move forward will also build your core and upper body strength. In addition, it will improve your balance and coordination. All of these are key elements in running. 

Aqua dumbbells swing in shallow water

2. Runner's Arm Swings


The arms of a runner are crucial for both performance and speed. They help keep the body stable and propel the runner forward. In the following exercise, we will aim to isolate the arms and exercise them separately. ​The idea of this exercise is to simulate the running motion of arms. Start in a lunge position and put your shoulders under the water. Then, swing your arms in a running motion, moving your elbows naturally. Make sure that your back is straight. This will force your body to adjust to the buoyancy of the water. Keep the legs still and feet on the floor. For additional resistance, use aqua dumbbells. 

Shallow water running
16 December 2022

Pool Workouts For Runners

Running in shallow water

​The best workouts for runners are ones that include some variety. Mixing up running drills and strength exercises allows the body to build up a variety of muscle groups while burning more calories. This leads to a stronger, leaner runner. The swimming pool can give you all that variety you need. And much more...



​Water is an amazing workout medium. It’s different from land, it’s buoyant, and you can do a variety of exercises in it. It can be used to simulate running, it can be used for running drills, building strength, and endurance. Water creates a more friendly environment for runners, because the body doesn’t have to contend with hard surfaces like roads and sidewalks. But at the same time, water is much harder to move in. That is because water density is greater than that of air. 



​The first thing to do when planning your workout in the pool is to consider your level of experience. You should know that swimming pool drills for runners require a certain level of skill to execute them correctly. You need to know how to move in the water. You’ll also need to know how to maintain your balance. Those are basic skills that you’ll need to master before attempting any swimming pool workout. Here are some of the best workouts for runners that you can do in the pool.


1. Swimming Pool Running


Swimming pool running is a great way to start your swimming pool workout. You don’t have to worry about any special equipment. It’s easy to execute, and it’s very versatile. This shallow water workout involves a variety of movements. You can run forward, backward, side to side, and in circles. You can also switch between different speeds and ranges of motion. Running in the pool will create challenging resistance for your upper and lower parts. It will force your body to adapt to this dense environment. Which in turn will make running on land feel like a breeze. 


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