1. Perform with a single leg a certain number of repetitions to increase intensity on your muscles. Repeat with your other leg. 
  2. Alternate in fast and smaller ROM for increased cardio effect.
  3. Pull both legs together in a slow and control way, without moving your upper body (as much as possible).
  4. Bend your legs on the way up, and pull straight legs down. One leg at a time. 
  5. Combine a small ROM on top of the leg movement and a big ROM as you pull your legs down (so one small and fast pull with your leg up and then another deep pull down to standing position)




The Noodle Split Leg Reach is a fantastic aqua exercise that effectively strengthens and stretches the muscles in the back of your legs. By incorporating this exercise into your routine, you can improve leg muscle performance, increase flexibility, and enhance overall lower body strength. Remember to execute the movements with proper technique, maintain steady breathing, and consider trying alternative movements to keep your aqua workout engaging and challenging. Dive in and discover the benefits of this refreshing exercise!


  1. Increases hip flexibility and ROM.
  2. Strengthens and stretches the back of your legs.
  3. Engages muscles that are not easy to activate on dry land exercises. 
  4. Easy to perform even by beginners 
  5. Low Impact




How to Perform


  • Position yourself at the deep end of the pool, ensuring that your feet are not touching the floor. Stand in an upright position, maintaining a straight back.
  • Place a noodle behind your back for support, holding it securely with both hands.
  • Slowly extend one leg upward as high as possible, while keeping your back and both legs straight. 
  • Pull your leg back down to the starting position, maintaining control and engaging the back of your legs.
  • Point your toes as you pull your leg to increase the resistance. 
  • Raise your leg comfortably and exert force only on the way down—reach and pull. 
  • Repeat the alternating leg motion, extending the other leg upward and then bringing it back down.
  • Aim to perform a comfortable number of repetitions, gradually increasing as your strength and flexibility improve.


Muscles Worked

The Noodle Split Leg Reach primarily targets the muscles in the back of your legs, including the hamstrings and glutes.





While performing the exercise, focus on inhaling as you lift your leg upward and exhaling as you lower it back down. This breathing pattern ensures that you maintain a steady flow of oxygen to your muscles, enhancing their endurance.

Underwater view of character holding the noodle and floating with legs spread out
Underwater view of character performing flutter kicks in deep water
30 May 2023

Noodle Split Leg Reach

This exercise targets the back of your leg muscles, helping to enhance their strength and flexibility. In this blog post, we will explore the muscles worked, breathing techniques, execution tips, and alternative movements associated with the Noodle Split Leg Reach.

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