• Perform flutter kicks in a big range of motion. Exert force as you kick backward to propel your body to move in forward circles. 
  • Kick faster on spot without turning. Apply equal force as kick back and forth to prevent your body from moving. Flex your feet and keep your legs straight. 
  •  Switch circle direction after a certain number of side kicks (for example after x8 kicks)
  • Perform without noodles for the extra effort in your upper body (only for good swimmers)
  • Use aqua cuffs for extra resistance. 


​This exercise improves your legs and core strength. It is especially beneficial for movement if you don't have enough space in the pool, yet still want to practice your flutter kicks. In addition, repetitive leg movements are very effective for building stamina and burning fat. 


How to Perform


Starting Position:


Stand in chest-deep water. Slightly lean forward and put your left leg behind you. Raise your arms at the surface level. Keep your other leg slightly bent and fixed on the floor. 




Bring your chest and left knee closer together as you pull your arms down at the same time. This is where force exertion should occur. Slowly return to the starting position. Perform on the same side until you feel like you are getting a good workout. Then do the same with your other leg. 




Inhale as you lower your leg. Exhale as you tuck your knee. ​

Muscles Worked

The muscles used in this exercise are your hip flexors, glutes, quadriceps, and abs.

Underwater view of character extending arms in front and stretching right leg back
Underwater view of character tucking in right knee while standing on left leg
30 December 2022

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