1. Perform without dumbbells if you are aiming for lower resistance exercise.

2. Push one arm at a time.

3. Perform the exercise in smaller range of motion with increased speed.

4. Add a jumping lunge motion to create an aerobic workout. Alternate with opposite leg-arm movement. 

5. Press your arms together. 


​This exercise helps strengthen your upper body muscles and improves your punching speed. It also improves your coordination and endurance. 


How to Perform


Starting Position:


Start in a front lunge position to lower your shoulders under the water. Keep your back straight and chest up. Hold aqua dumbbells and bring your arms in front of your chest. Let your palms face each other. 




Bend your arms and push-pull the aqua dumbbells in an alternate motion. Start slow and controlled, focusing on the arms, then progress with faster movements. Don't pull your arms too far back. Stop when your elbows are under your shoulders. When you push the dumbbells, try to extend your arms all the way.




Alternate once as you inhale and once as you exhale. If you are doing one arm at a time, in a more focused way, exhale as you extend your arm. 


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character pressing aqua dumbbell underwater animation
Still image of aqua dumbbells skier swing

Muscles Worked

​The muscles used in this exercise are shoulders, upper back and chest. Your arm muscles are also engaged when you bend your elbows. 

underwater character performing aqua dumbbell press
underwater character pressing aqua dumbbells
25 December 2022

Alternate Aqua Dumbbells Press

​This exercise is simple, yet it allows you to target your shoulders, chest, and upper back effectively. It is also a great exercise to build your strength and coordination. All you need to get started is a pair of aqua dumbbells and your regular swim gear.


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