• ​If you feel any discomfort, stop the exercise immediately.
  • Always use appropriate equipment.
  • Always use the correct technique.
  • Never perform this exercise without adequate water depth.
  • Never perform this exercise without adequate space.


  • ​Perform without dumbbells to reduce the load on your upper body. use your palms to push water. 
  • Perform the exercise in a smaller range of motion with increased speed.
  • Add a jumping lunge to increase the load on your shoulder muscles. Use opposite arm-leg movement. 
  • Swing your arms together
  • Perform in deep water with aqua belt.


  • ​Very easy to perform
  • Improves balance
  • It tones up your upper body.
  • It increases your arm and shoulder strength.
  • It increases shoulder flexibility.




Starting Position


Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold aqua dumbbells with both hands by your sides. Put your hands in their natural position with palms facing your thighs. Your core muscles should be tight and your back straight. Water depth should be at about your chest level.




Alternate the movement of your arms, swinging them back and forth. Think of a skiing movement. Keep the range of motion within a comfortable level. Don't reach too far back and do not go past the water surface in front. Try to keep your arms straight throughout the motion. The movement should be slow and controlled. The more you practice, the better you'll get at it. After some practice, you will notice how smoother your motion becomes.




Alternate your arm swing once as you inhale and once as you exhale. Keep your breathing normal and deep. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. 

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animated aqua exercise showing a character swinging arms underwater while holding aqua dumbbells
Still image of aqua dumbbells skier swing


​Chest, back, and shoulder muscles are the main muscle groups that you will work in this exercise. Your arm muscles are also active to keep your arms straight. Your core muscles keep your body stable.






Underwater view of a character swinging arms while holding aqua dumbbells
Underwater view of a character holding aqua dumbbells
24 December 2022

Alternate Aqua Dumbbells Swing

​If you want to strengthen your upper body, the alternate arm swing is a great exercise for you. You will do this exercise with aqua dumbbells while standing in shallow water. 


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