• Perform the exercise standing one leg at a time.
  • Add jumping after you lift the dumbbells.
  • Perform the exercise in a smaller range of motion with increased speed.
  • Alternate the arms. 
  • Perform without dumbbells


​The Skier Swing is a great exercise to work your core and upper back muscles. Because you are bending your legs while pulling the dumbbells back, you will improve your balance and coordination. The arm movement will increase your shoulder flexibility. It also works your upper and lower parts, improving your strength and endurance. 


How To Perform


Starting Position:


Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab two aqua dumbbells and hold them by your sides in a neutral position. Let your arms hang down by your sides.




In this exercise, you will use aqua dumbbells to simulate the skiing action. Bend your knees, move your hips back and drop into a squat. With your arms straight, pull the dumbbells together down and behind your hips. Squeeze your glutes to keep your balance. Do not let your knees go over your toes or past your ankles. Stand up again and reach your arms towards water's surface. Start slow and build speed as the movement becomes natural. Focus on exerting force as you squat and pull the arms. Repeat until you feel your muscles tired.




Breathe in as you raise your arms, and breathe out as you pull them down.

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Still image of aqua dumbbells skier swing


​Your abs and upper back are the primary muscle group used in this exercise. Shoulders and back leg muscles are also involved. 

Character performing exercises with aqua dumbbells
Skier Swing in the Pool
24 December 2022

Skier Swing in the Pool

This is a great exercise for the upper body. Using a pair of dumbbells in the pool, you will perform Aqua Skier Swings with so much ease, yet you will feel the burn in your arms and shoulders. This exercise combines the strength of the squat with the agility of the Skier Swing. It engages both your upper and lower parts and also helps improve balance.


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