25 December 2022
In this post, I will explain the concept of Russian Twists and how it can be used to increase your flexibility and improve your overall fitness level. In brief, the
25 December 2022
​In this exercise we will use aqua dumbbells in shallow water to work our upper body muscles. This exercise is easy to perform yet very effective to tone up your
25 December 2022
​This exercise is simple, yet it allows you to target your shoulders, chest, and upper back effectively. It is also a great exercise to build your strength and coordination. All
24 December 2022
​If you want to strengthen your upper body, the alternate arm swing is a great exercise for you. You will do this exercise with aqua dumbbells while standing in shallow
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Aqua Dumbbells Exercises Posts

Aqua dumbbells on a transparent background
Aqua dumbbells on a transparent background

Aqua Dumbbells Exercises

Aqua dumbbells are like gym dumbbells except they are made of foam or plastic and they use water as a medium for resistance. There are two types of aqua dumbbells: The ones that use surface area (usually made of plastic) to create resistance. And the other type uses flotation force (like those made of foam)


Both these types of aqua dumbbells can help you create an effective strength and aerobic workout in the pool. Aqua dumbbells are not only used to work your muscles. But also to give you support while doing deep water exercises.


These water-based dumbbells are rapidly gaining popularity as they offer a unique resistance training experience that is both safe and challenging. The buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off your joints, while at the same time providing an intense workout that's great for building muscle and improving stamina. Unlike land-based exercises, where high-intensity workouts come with a risk of injury from the impact. So if you're looking for a new, safe, and challenging way to stay in shape, give aqua dumbbell workouts a try. Not sure where to start? Check out our blog section at the bottom of the page for regularly updated tips and exercises. 


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