• Use a wider grip
  • Use a narrow grip
  • Perform with small pulses
  • Perform with flutter kicks for an aerobic challenge
  • Execute the movement while standing for easier balance control


  • Easier, yet effective, push-up experience in a buoyant environment
  • Builds strength in the upper body
  • Improves stability and posture
  • Enhances coordination and balance
  • Can be adapted for different fitness levels and abilities


How to Perform



To perform this exercise, start by floating on your front in the water and holding the noodle under your shoulders. Keep your legs relaxed together and your abs tight. Hands should hold the noodle with a comfortable grip, without unnecessary pressure. Your head must be above the surface, looking ahead, while keeping your neck relaxed.


Press the noodle down in a push-up motion, then release it back to the starting position. Focus on a controlled arm extension to activate the muscles in your chest and arms. Perform with a steady and controlled rhythm to maintain balance. Remember to engage your core and keep your body aligned throughout the exercise. If involuntary leg movements are affecting your balance, crossing your legs might help to stabilize them.


Muscles Worked

This exercise primarily targets your upper body muscles and also provides a good core workout. The primary muscles worked are the chest and the triceps. Your abs will also work hard to keep you balanced and supported.


Inhale while bending your arms, and exhale as you straighten them. Keep your breathing steady, and don't hold your breath during the exercise. 

male character holding a noodle while floating horizontally in deep water with worked muscles marked
Female character holding a noodle while floating horizontally in deep water
02 June 2024

Deep Noodle Push Ups

If you are looking for an exercise that builds strength in your upper body while comfortably floating in the pool, then Noodle Push Ups are for you. To get started, you will need a pool noodle and a floating belt. If you are a good swimmer who likes a higher-intensity workout, you can perform this exercise without a belt. Noodle Push Ups can be done in both deep and shallow areas of the pool, provided there's sufficient depth for full arm extension.

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