Hammer Curls aqua exercise in the shallow end.

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​1. Perform this exercise without aqua dumbbells.

2. Use a band or rope instead of dumbbells.

3. Add a jumping motion as you return to the starting position. 

4. Use a noodle instead of dumbbells. 

5. Perform without the arm extension.


​The single leg deadlift is a popular exercise that works the lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. The single leg deadlift is especially effective at increasing mobility in the hips. It also increases strength, balance, and coordination. Because this exercise is done with a single leg, it also increases core stability.


​How To Perform


Starting Position:


Begin with your feet flat on the floor. Hold aqua dumbbells by your sides. Stand with your back and neck in a neutral position. 




Standing on one leg, lean forward until your chin almost touches the water's surface. Put the dumbbells under your chest. Your other leg should stretch back as far as possible. While balancing on one leg, bend your arms and push the dumbbells down as deep as you can. Return to the starting position. Repeat on the other leg. 




Inhale as you lean back and exhale as you push the dumbbells.


​This exercise primarily uses the hip and chest muscles. It also targets your core muscles as you lean forward and backward.

underwater character with aqua dumbbells standing on one leg
23 December 2022

Single Leg Deadlift With Aqua Dumbbells

​In this exercise, we will use aqua dumbbells to perform a single-leg deadlift. This exercise is challenging and requires high core strength, as well as balance and coordination. 


The Single Leg Deadlift is an exercise that can be done both on land and in the water to help improve balance and strength. The land version offers a greater challenge and resistance, while the water version is easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, the aqua deadlift targets different muscle groups than its land counterpart.

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