1. Perform on one side (i.e. bending the same leg for a number of repetitions) and return to the starting position each time. The repeat on the other side. This method will lower the rest time and make your muscles work harder.
  2. Perform faster by jumping high as you alternate your legs
  3. Curl your legs twice on each side before switching, creating more force for your hamstrings
  4. Do this exercise without arms, if you want this to be a more focused leg strength exercise
  5. Perform with your arms moving across your chest and out to your sides, to activate more upper body muscles.


​This exercise not only improves your strength and endurance but also your balance and coordination. In addition, leg curls strengthen your knee joint and increase flexibility in your front thighs. 


How to Perform


Starting Position:

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands down by your sides in a neutral position. Relax your shoulders and open your hands. Water depth should be at about your chest level.




Bend your knee back, reaching your heel toward your glutes. Balance your weight on the other leg, keeping your knee over your toes all the time. Pull your arms back together as you curl your leg, to engage your upper body as well. Extend your leg again, bring your arms up and return to the starting point. Without pausing, repeat on the other side.




​​This is an aerobic exercise, so breathing regularly is very important. Inhale and exhale once with each cycle ( more or less depending on the speed of your movement). 

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underwater view of a character reaching opposite toes with each jump
underwater view of a character standing in shallow water

Muscles Worked

​This exercise mainly targets your hamstring muscles. That is the muscle responsible for bending your knee. After performing some repetitions, you will feel a slight burning in this muscle. Upper back muscles are also worked as you pull your arms.

underwater view of a character standing on one leg and curling the other behind
underwater view of a character standing on one leg and curling the other behind
28 December 2022

Standing Leg Curls in the Pool

​if you are looking for an aqua exercise that combines strength and aerobics, for both the upper and lower parts, then this exercise is for you. It's one of those exercises that works your entire body and leaves you feeling great. You can use it in a workout program, or as a stand-alone workout, with or without equipment. ​


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