1. Use dumbbells to add more resistance and support. 

2. Alternate arms opposite to legs. 

3. Perform the exercise on a stair/step. Start by standing on a higher surface then step down on the pool floor. 

4. Instead of alternating legs, you can do a single-leg step back to put more pressure on your leg muscles. 

5. Increase the range of motion with lower speed, to increase flexibility and improve balance.


​In addition to using your entire body to perform this exercise, you will also improve your balance and coordination. In addition, this exercise builds your strength and endurance and is a great way to lose weight. ​


How to Perform


​Starting Position: 


Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands down by your sides in a neutral position. Relax your shoulders and open your hands. Water depth should be at about your chest level. 




Take a big step back, while pushing off the floor with your other leg. Simultaneously bring your arms up at your chest level. Then pull your arms down as you bring your leg forward, to return to the starting position. Your arms should remain straight throughout the whole motion. Repeat with your other leg. Start slow, then gradually increase speed as you get used to the movement. ​




Inhale as you step forward and exhale as you step back.

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Underwater view of character jumping high and clicking heels
Underwater view of a character standing in shallow water

Muscles Worked

​Feel your shoulder and upper back muscles as you push your arms. Feel your glutes and calves as you step forward and backward. This is also a great exercise for your core because you have to keep your body balanced and upright throughout the entire movement. ​

Underwater view of character stepping back with one leg
Underwater view of character stepping back with one leg
30 December 2022

Step Back Jacks Exercise in the Pool

​Are you looking for easy-to-do aerobic exercise in the pool? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! This aerobic exercise is perfect for anyone looking to tone and shape their body and burn fat. Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to do this exercise, besides its benefits and variations. ​


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