1. Builds strength in lower and upper body
  2. Improves coordination
  3. Provides cardiovascular benefits
  4. Increases hip flexibility
  5. Promotes stability and balance
  6. It is not difficult to perform




  1. Increase speed with a decreased range of motion
  2. Use resistance gloves and ankle weights
  3. Cross arms and legs to increase the range of motion
  4. If you are struggling with coordination, move your legs and arms individually rather than together. 
  5. Perform against the pool wall if your body is drifting backwards. 


How to Perform


  • To perform this exercise, begin by floating upright with the noodle wedged between your legs for support. Extend your arms to the sides and close your legs together, forming a T shape.
  • Bring your arms in front of your chest while simultaneously spreading your legs. Then, revert to the initial position and repeat.
  • If your body starts moving backward as a result of the forward arm press, use the same or a bigger amount of force when moving your arm out to balance the effort. 
  • Repeat until your chest, shoulders, and upper back muscles are fatigued.
  • This exercise can be performed independently or integrated with other aquatic movements

Muscles Worked

T-Press primarily targets your chest, back, inner, and outer thigh muscles. Your core and shoulders are also active throughout the movement. 

Muscle mapped character performing T-press exercise in the pool
female character performing T-press exercise in the pool
19 May 2024


The T-Press is an excellent exercise to engage your upper and lower body in a low-impact environment. Utilizing a noodle or other floating device for buoyancy, this workout focuses on muscle engagement and coordination while providing a robust cardiovascular session. 
The opposite arm-leg movement while being challenged to stay afloat gives you a great coordination and balance workout. Remember to maintain proper form and control throughout the exercise to maximize its effectiveness.



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